Business Consulting & Advisory Services
We provide independent advisory services to the CIS/CRM marketplace for North American Utility Companies.  We specialize in the revenue life-cycle (meter to cash) and related areas such as CRM.
Our skills are the deepest available to the market combined with the highest levels  of independence available. Practice areas include:
●    CIS/CRM Strategies, Evaluations and Selections
●    Asset Management Strategies, Evaluations and Selections
●    Mobile Workforce Strategies, Evaluations and Selections
●    Project Quality Assurance Services
●    Project Assessments
●    Program and Project Management
●    Interim Management
●    Acquisitions and Due Diligence
●    Business Strategies
●    Dispute Resolution
Jericho Consulting, Inc maintains is headquarters in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We conduct business across North America and under certain agreements globally.  
The information on these pages is intended solely for those people who might have an interest in the use of the
business advisory services offered by Jericho Consulting, Inc.  
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